DeGasperi   &  Associates
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P r o f i l e  -  J e f f  D e G a s p e r i

Jeff is President of DeGasperi & Assocates, since 2001.  He spent his early years in the family business, in those days a Design/Build Construction company, which allowed valuable experiences in the field. Since then, he has acquired over 35 years experience in the architectural industry, spent in various large commercial firms in the Kansas City area, resulting in a portfolio of an extremely wide range of project types around the country.


He graduated Magna Cum Laude with dual degrees in Architecture and Architectural Engineering from University of Kansas in 1979, earning several academic awards.


His diverse background brings a unique expertise in the design and construction process. This insight to a broader spectrum of issues results in a more balanced solution for the client. He has also developed a reputation for speed and efficiency in the process, which can achieve reduced fees and time schedules for the project.


Jeff's career includes many design accomplishments over the years. Jeff's open-minded 'ego-less' approach results in designs ranging from very simple and pragmatic, to innovative artistic showpieces. His designs have accumulated over 35 design awards from peer groups and municipal agencies, and he has served on several design juries.


Jeff also stays active in the local community. He is on the Overland Park Board of Code Appeals, has served on the Fairway Planning Commission and his Neighborhood Homes Associations Boards. He is married to Melissa, and has three sons, Tyler(28, with wife Elizabeth, in Atlanta), Reese(16) and Evan(15). He enjoys golf and traveling, and his time with Reese and Evan's Soccer teams.